My books

In the Shadows of Mountains

A British woman living in a mountain village in Japan is trapped in an unfulfilling marriage. She yearns for change, but her history and her current state of mind have left her powerless. Alienated from society, she spends her days alone, measuring time by the passing of the trains. A chance sighting of a man on a train leads her to believe in salvation and a second chance at life. It also leads to an internal struggle and a descent into madness, as she clings to the desperate urge to feel alive. Her gripping tale explores the dangers of isolation and alienation, both from the self and society, and the psychological consequences from which there is no return.

(Available in paperback and ebook format from Amazon)

How I Learnt Japanese, and How You Can Too: 60 Tips to Guarantee Success

Do you want to learn Japanese? Are you wondering where to start? Have you tried to learn but given up? If so, this book is for you. The author gives you her story, about how she went from knowing no Japanese to becoming a professional translator. She gives you 60 tips on how you too can become proficient in this fascinating language. Please note that this book does not actually teach you any Japanese. Instead, it is packed with advice on how to study, and useful strategies to make the most of your study materials and resources. If the author can do it, then so can you!

(Available as an ebook from Amazon)